Tibet Tours

Tibet has been called the "home of the Buddhism" and "the roof of the world". Tibet is one of the most unusual and beautiful places on earth. The majority of its land rests above 13,000 feet, with high arid mountain plateaus surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges. Ancient nomadic ways of life still exist today. Tibet is one of those extraordinary destinations where adventure hides around every corner. You may visit the extraordinary palaces of the Dalai Lama as well as many Buddhist monasteries. The beautiful transhimalayan highway winds through mountain passes, promising panoramic view of cultural and scenic diversity. After centuries of isolation, Tibet continues to open up to the Western world. A visit to Tibet is an incredible experience, although it is not for the faint - hearted. The traveling is difficult and unpredictable. Mountain roads may be impassable, flexibility is a must. Tibet is a place for rugged adventure and spiritual seekers. Travelers with a special interest in Tibet's cultural and artistic heritage will see the best culture and scenic attractions of Tibet with our tour and travel arrangements.

Our upcoming programs
  • Lhasa adventure 3 nights 4 days [fly in fly out]
  • Discover Lhasa 4 night 5 days [fly in fly out]
  • Tibet paradise 7 night 8 days [fly in fly out]
  • Mt. Kailash pilgrimage Trek 17-19 days
  • Explore Tibet 14 days

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