Welcome to Nepal

Stupa in Nepal

Nepal is a tiny third world country situated between Tibet and India. Nepal is rich in cultural diversity and natural beauty. Culturally, Nepal is the meeting place of the Mongoloid people of Asia and the Caucasoid people of the Indian planes. There are over 30 languages spoken in Nepal, including many local dialects. Two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism are at home here. Nepal is known as the home of gods and goddesses with many festivals and temples throughout the country in their honor. World renowned for her natural beauty, Nepal holds 8 of the world's 8000 meter peaks in her bounds. Nepal's highest elevation is Mt. Everest 8848m [29021 ft] above sea level. There are three main topographical zones in Nepal. The dry hot planes of the Terai are to the South. The midlands are centrally located and known for a mild subtropical climate with rich valleys, foothills and rivers. To the North, the alpine zone is known for it's jagged snowcapped peaks. Diverse flora and fauna abound, Nepal has been a great attraction for serious mountaineers, outdoor enthusiasts and world travelers since opening up to foreign visitation in 1950. A holiday in Nepal offers romance and adventure from the spectacular Himalayas to a wildlife safari and exotic culture. There is something for everyone. Visit Nepal in search of your personal Shangri-La.